Kamis, 28 Maret 2013

Synopsis of The Goal Keeper's Revenge

Tittle : The Goalkeeper’s Revenge
Author : Bill Naughton
Publisher : Macmillan Publisher Limited
ISBN : 0 435 27200 4

Synopsis :
                Sim Dalt had long arms and long, thin legs. He was a good goalkeeper, but he was not good student at school. When he was child, he played football with his mom. He always playes as goalkeeper.
                He played football after he got back from school, he was very talented player at school. It made him choose as a goalkeeper of school team. He loved football so much but he didn’t like school. When he played football for his school, he played very well, no one can scored an easy goal. During in the school, he gave the cup to his school.
                One day, the inspector came to his school, the inspector said to sim to go to another school. It was because sim not a good student. The School Footbal captain, bob throper very arrogant, he shouted sim and threw him to another school. Sim was very angry.
                After the following years, sim worked in Amusement arcade. He played as goalkeeper  there. During worked in there, Sim very famous because his talented as a goalkeeper. Everyone in the town talked about him. He can got much money because of his job. After 6 years in there, sim bought the Arcade from the last owner, maggie.
                One day, bob thropper come to his arcade and chalengge sim in penalty kick out. Sim won the game and he was more famous at the time. After that, he was made a director of the football club in his town where bob played for him.

My Opinion :
                This story full of moral value. I can catch some of them. In this story tell me how we behave to people. As human we should not to be arrogant like Bob Thropper. We know if we are arrogant to someone, one time we will feel what we do in past. It happen when Bob threw out Sim from School Team because Sim is not a good student. It make sim very angry and try to revenge bob one time. It come true when Sim become a important man in Town. In other hand, i hate Sim. Because his act to revenge bob. I think if we are a good person, we should accept apologize from the others and try to forget all thing in past. We should not try to revenge!